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Everything you need know to manage your business

Easy to use, fully no-code dashboard

Create categories, add products, manage orders, send notifications,

create deals and discounts, add multiple admins and employees,

banners, generate reports, send payment links and so much more

Manage Orders

Process online orders quickly

Growcify POS

Manage walk-in order seamlessly

Manage orders and shipments

Quick order and shipment management with easy to use dashboard

Create, edit, accept orders
Download, print invoices
Assign deliverman to orders
Schedule shipment and more

Manage subscriptions

Allow customers to subscribe to frequently desired items

Create, edit or pause subscriptions
Create weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly subscriptions
Download subscriptions invoices
Assign deliveryman and more

Manage customers

Monitor, manage and analyze your customers

Create new customers
Edit or delete customers
View customer order, referral and address history
Manage customer memberships
Add money to customer’s wallet

Manage inventory

Add multiple categories, sub categories and products

Bulk upload products using excel file
Add variants of products
Mark product as new arrivals or trending
Generate barcodes
Auto update of stocks

Coupons. Reports.

Create discount coupons and export reports

Create flat discount coupons
Create cashback coupons
Create subscription coupons
Create and export custom reports
Generate reports in Excel, PDF or JSON formats

Manage your eCommerce website using Growcify Web Studio

Set up your eCommerce website with Growcify, add banners and create display groups

Create main and mini banners
Create multiple home page groups
Setup store title, color and meta tags for SEO
Integrate any additional JS scripts and more

...more features

Manage employees

Give access to the employees to your dashboard for easy management

Manage delivery locations

Add serviceable pin codes or add communities

Manage pickup addresses

Manage your multiple delivery addresses

Calculate items summary

Calculate ordered items in the selected orders

Download bulk invoices

Select orders and download bulk invoices

Customer pricing contracts

Adjust the pricing of a few products for specific customers with contracts

Send payment links

Just add the amount, mobile number, and email to send a payment links to receive online payments

Manage notifications

You can send new notifications or resend an old one using the Notifications module

Manage stock entries

Create a new stock entry whenever you replenish your inventory with the latest stock

Bulk updates

Using the Products module, update products in bulk and make multiple changes at once

Bulk translate

Use translate to translate your products and categories titles into multiple languages

Create add-ons

Create combo products and provide additional add-ons to items to drive more sales

Manage locations

Add one or more locations you're delivering to restrict outside orders and set delivery charges

Manage transactions

Transactions dashboard enables you to quickly know the order’s details

Manage delivery slots

Add one or more delivery slots and set the timing to enable or disable whenever required

Manage vendors

If it is a multi-vendor, you can onboard and give access to all your vendors through Growcify’s easy onboarding process

Config delivery charge

You can set distance-wise, flat, pincode or location wise, category wise delivery charge

Manage integrations

Growcify’s integration module enables easy navigation and integration with Razorpay and shipping Shiprocket

SMS Sender ID and emails

You can apply to get your own SMS Sender ID and configure your brand's email settings

Support cases

Get 24/7 support from Growcify’s or can request help if have any issues

Growcify Helpdesk

Watch short video tutorials for every features in the dashboard, learn and apply

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Register your business in 2 minutes


Growcify® is an eCommerce SaaS platform helping businesses go online with their own eCommerce app, website, and POS within 24 hours

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