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store with Growcify POS

Set up Growcify POS for your offline store to
manage billing, inventory and more

Upload your inventory and start billing in a few minutes

The Easiest Cloud-Based POS System

Keep your eCommerce website, app and Point of Sale (POS) System connected and synced

Synchronize inventory across all platforms
Multi-channel inventory management
Keep track of your history and export reports
Integrate barcode scanner & printer
Track inventory and more

Send payment links

Generate & send payment links to the customers from your POS itself

Growcify POS can be integrated with your existing Razorpay payment gateway to send payment links to your customers quickly or you can even get started with just updating your bank account details in case you do not have a Razorpay account.

Growcify POSPayment Links

Generate barcodes

Connect any barcode printer to generate product barcodes

Growcify POS can print barcodes with any standard barcode printers. You can also scan and map your existing product barcodes.

Scan BarcodesMap Existing Barcodes

Maintain and export orders

Keep records of all sales and billing

Growcify POS securely stores all orders to keep track of your business's history. As a result, you'll never have to worry about even a single invoice!

Orders HistoryExport Reports

...more features

Instant billing

Process an order in 10 seconds with a easy to use UI and fast processing time

Scan to add to the cart

You can scan items and add them to the checkout by connecting a barcode scanner

GSTIN verification

While processing B2B orders, quickly validate your customer's GSTIN and get their details

Automated taxes

Automatic tax calculation based on your eCommerce business orders and tax settings

Discounts & offers

You can generate discount coupons and deals in the dashboard

Payment Links

Send payment links directly to customers' mobile number or email

On MRP orders

Want to process an order on MRP? Just click on the checkbox to apply MRP

Dynamic pricing

Set dynamic product pricing and offer discounts to entice buyers to purchase more

Manage memberships

You can offer customers memberships in which they can subscribe and receive discounts

Generate barcodes

Choose products and create barcodes with ease. You can easily generate and print these barcodes or scan a barcode against a product

Edit / Cancel orders

Growcify POS allows you to instantly edit or cancel orders

Cash billing

To complete a cash billing order, press CTRL + G

Search for orders

You can search for any order at any time to view or modify through the easy-to-search algorithm

Print thermal, KOT and A4 invoices

Print sales receipts on any 3" thermal printer, as well as KOT or A4 paper

Restaurants, retail and eCommerce

Growcify ePOS is compatible for restaurants and, retail, and eCommerce businesses

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Growcify® is an eCommerce SaaS platform helping businesses go online with their own eCommerce app, website, and POS within 24 hours

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